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Student Load Debt

The Nature Of Student Loan Debt

In order to pursue a personal goal of obtaining education beyond high school, it is almost always necessary to borrow money to for this education. However, these loans are often very large, and many Americans are not able to repay these loans, especially if they can-not complete this education. In recent years, the number of individuals with unmanage-able student loan debt has increased dramatically. It has been estimated that as of the latter part of 2015, more than 41 million Americans ... Read more

Available Options

If the loan is made or supported by the federal government, there are often more than one available repayment plans. These programs are similar but not identical. The options open to any borrower depend on the nature of the loan program. The advantages and disadvantages of each repayment plan will vary as to various factors, including such factors as the eligibility criteria, the length of the repayment term and potential tax consequences for any amount not repaid in full.

Helpful information ... Read more

Limited Nature Of Bankruptcy Relief

Although student loans are not currently dischargeable in bankruptcy, there are some-times opportunities for partial relief either in a bankruptcy case or during a bankruptcy case. Consequently, a bankruptcy debtor should be prepared to share with the bankruptcy attorney the records of the student loan program and repayment plans to evaluate what relief might be available in a bankruptcy case.

Legal Services

Services that this office can offer include:
  • Evaluation of the options open to the borrower and assistance in the selection of a course of action
  • Identification of any potential nonbankruptcy discharge options
  • Selection of repayment options
  • Representation in lender/collector negotiations
  • Bankruptcy representation, including if feasible seeking nonbankruptcy relief in the bankruptcy case or a bankruptcy discharge

Tax Debt

Many Americans have found themselves facing collection of debts from unpaid taxes. Unless most debts, tax debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, with some important exceptions. Even if a tax debt may be dischargeable, this result will usually require some litigation in bankruptcy court, involving legal services not needed in most consumer bankruptcy cases. Fortunately, the automatic stay will at least initially stop tax collection activity. However, because a tax debt is usually not dischargeable in bankruptcy, federal, state and local taxing authorities are able to resume collection activity after the bankruptcy case is concluded, and possibly earlier, with Bankruptcy Court permission.

It is also important to understand that tax collectors have more options open to them that collectors of other types of debt. Consequently, persons with a significant tax debt need to know what other options might be open to them.

This office offers several services that may help someone deal with tax debt problems, even if the debt cannot be completely eliminated.

Dischargeability Evaluation

A knowledgeable attorney can review your tax account records and obtain additional information to provide a determination of whether some or all of your tax debts might be dischargeable in bankruptcy. Generally, in order to have a tax debt discharged in bankruptcy it must be old enough for the ... Read more

Negotiation & Settlement

If there is not a realistic possibility of obtaining a discharge in bankruptcy, there are some options open to a taxpayer to work with the taxing authority to make the payments over a period of time and possible reduce the amount of the debt. This process requires a significant amount of ... Read more


There are some situation in which the first action that needs to be taken is when there is some collection activity such as a lien placement or wage garnishment that needs to be addressed before any dischargeability of settlement options may be completed. There are typically options such as ... Read more
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