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Bankruptcy Services in Wooster, OH

Thomas K. Mast, Attorney at Law, offers a wide range of legal services to clients in Wayne and Holmes counties. He is dedicated to effectively representing his clients and ensuring that they receive all that they are entitled to.
Concentrating on bankruptcy law, our firm is centered on handling your financial matters and protecting your well-being. Thomas K. Mast assists you through the entire legal process – from the initial consultation to the closing of the case – to help ensure you receive optimal results.

What is Bankruptcy

  • A Fresh Financial Start (Chapter 7)
  • Payment Plan with Court Protection (Chapter 13)
Bankruptcy is a legal process, authorized under federal law, in which a debtor may be relieved of his or her debts, thereby achieving a “fresh start' toward financial security. This process is strictly prescribed by federal statutes and rules, and is within the jurisdiction of a specialized federal court, the Bankruptcy Court.

There are two types of cases applicable to individual consumer debtors. The more common type is referred to as a “Chapter 7 case”, as it is authorized by Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, or bankruptcy statute within the United States Code. In a Chapter 7 case, the debtor is relieved of or “discharged” from his or her debts, without having to make further payments to creditors. In return, certain property of the debtor may have to be surrendered by the debtor for sale and/or distribution to creditors. Read more

How Cases Are Handled

Bankruptcy cases are filed within the federal court system. Federal courts are geographically divided into “districts.” There are two federal districts within the State of Ohio, defined by the counties, the Northern District of Ohio and the Southern District of Ohio The Northern District of Ohio is further subdivided into the Eastern Division and the Western Division. There are several bankruptcy courts within the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division. If the debtor resides in Wayne County, for example, the bankruptcy case is filed in the bankruptcy court in Canton. However, if the debtor lives in Medina County, the case is filed in the court in Akron.

The bankruptcy cases handled by this office are those of individuals, rather than corporations or other business organizations. ... Read more